Making Movie Magic from LIFE

Fun fact. I like to write from my personal experiences. This month I am exploring my lack of sleep thanks to my fiancés constant screaming in his. I wish I was kidding. Sleep apnea? Sleep paralysis demon? Vivid dreams? Who the heck knows. I decided to go with an exploration of a sleep paralysis demon tormenting a man in his sleep with a twist and let me tell you I am already living for it.

I create from a very visual place. I tend to spend a lot of writing time imagining before actually bringing pen to paper. I wanted elements of typical horror in the lighting and some of the cinematic moments but satirical exaggerations in the performance. Casting went flawlessly except. I accidentally posted the casting call for September instead of February. HOW? I have no idea. Well, I kind of do cause my brain works at warp speed and by the time I have typed half a sentence I'm already thinking about something else. Luckily my actors are incredible and stayed with me.

I am shocked at how many people have experienced some type of seeing this sleep paralysis demon. I was open in talking about this project as a learning opportunity for my film students and one of my middle schoolers told me about his experience with one. He described it in so much detail and offered me creative ideas for the film. Inspiration can truly come from anywhere.

Cheers to creativity and bringing life's mystery to the screen.

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