My 2021 TV Watch List

Updated: Jan 5

Fun fact. I spend way too many hours watching television and I wouldn't change a second of it. I spent so much time in 2021 building my studio space so it could function for me as a filmmaker, mover, and watercolour artist...and yet I do all of my painting in my living room in front of the TV. Maybe its because I painted an orange accent wall that I have slowly been curating with art or maybe its because it's just plain comfy and I can easily escape to my favourite stories with my favourite characters. I get asked alot to share TV recommendations so here are my top five shows I consumed over the last year.

1. Money Heist- This show is my favourite. hands down. End of sentence. This heist series is jammed packed with action, unforseen twists, passion so strong you can feel it through your tv and anarchy. Oh the anarchy. The best part. The characters. They are juicy, flawed, powerful and to be completely honest really hot. There's also a call to power song in the middle that you will powerfully belt out at top of your lungs for seasons to come. Seriously, don't miss it. This spanish show can be found on Netflix and I always recommend watching films/tv in their original language with subtitles. The nuances of these actors cannot be missed.

Viewer warning: Violence. sexual coercion/assault, and don't get too attached to anyone.

2. Wandavision- Found on Disney+ and in my opinion the peak of creativity within the marvel cinematic universe Wandavision takes everything you thought you knew about two beloved characters and flips it right on its head. The first episode had me asking what the heck am I watching, then it hooked me for the long game while being released weekly. It combined the charm of old sitcoms like Bewitched with the action and whit you would expect from marvel. No shortage of wicked characters to be found here and oh boy oh boy that plot twist. Masterpiece. 10/10 worth the membership.

3. Wakefield- This bad boy is found on Crave and is an australian show focusing on the individual experiences of mental health within an institution. It follows both the patients and the health care providers in the mental hospital giving it an honest edge I haven't seen depicted in ever. PLUS there is a very surrealist nuance to some of the characters which just steps the stunning beauty of this show up a notch. As someone who worked in mental health for all my 9 year nursing career, I can say this show is so wonderfully and messily accurate to what it feels like to work in or struggle with mental illness. Despite its heavy subject matter it's easy to watch and easy to love.

Viewer warning: Suicide, very real depictions of mental illness.

4. Insecure- Found on Crave, insecure came to its stunning conclusion this year after 5 seasons of drama, chaos, and heartache. This show had its grip on me since episode one. Created by Issa Rae, a powerhouse writer and creator, it highlights the absolute insecurity of discovering yourself and the challenge of maintaining relationships along the way. Every single character in this show is full. I mean full. Though this is a female driven narrative that is literally flawless, the men are are so wonderfully written and tackle so much that you don't often get to see of men in media. I hope the conversations created around racism, sexism and mental health continue long into insecures legacy. If your a production nerd like me the lighting design *chefs kiss* and the soundtrack is oh so freaking good. Don't sleep on this one.

5. Brand New Cherry Flavour- What a ride this show was. Now despite horror not being listed above its by far my favourite genre, and this one beat out midnight mass which is saying a lot. Following a young filmmaker who will do anything to succeed, this show takes you on the most messed up, dark and honestly disgusting journeys I have ever seen of a protagonist. This one ain't for the faint of heart..or stomach. If you can stomach it, the cinematography is so cool and the special effects are A+. Though it's packed with all the nasty stuff and wild twists there are some slow moments to catch your breath. You can watch this limited series on Netflix.

Viewer Warning: Violence, gore, sexual assault and some nudity. I mean the poster is a woman with an eyeball in her mouth...

There you have it! Happy watching!

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