There's Always a Problem to Solve

March's short production was in the bag. I've been working with youth fusion teaching a group of middle school students the art of filmmaking. Our shoot was scheduled, then a career fair was announced so we moved the 30th of march. Risky.

Then the inevitable happened and Mr. covid came along forcing us to again postpone until you guessed it April. What's a filmmaker with a goal to do? When I endeavoured to shoot a short film a month the challenge was for myself. To have a guiding purpose through the year. To help me really consolidate my voice as an artist and begin to build my community of collaborators. Its been working. January was a sucky month of lockdown and stress but I had my snowflake film to look forward to. I got to work with incredible actors who I admire in February.

And well March. March is an opportunity to just do the thing. I found out about the postponement on March 27th. On the 28th, I went into my bag of ideas and picked one I knew I could do on my own feasibly. On the 30th, I shot a short video clip after a sweaty rehearsal for Branch Out Productions Legally Blonde.

The concept of my short this month was inspired by a creepy walk home one night last year. As I was walking home from a friends, I felt that eerie feeling of being watched. I walked in and out of the glow of the street lights and eventually spooked myself enough to walk in the middle of the street. I sent a snap chat to my friend about my spooky walk home, while walking. This is the photo that started it all.

That is where the idea came from and you're just gonna have to tune in to see what happens.

Stay tuned and subscribe to my channel to get the notification when its posted.

Mad Love folks and keep creating!

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